EICMA Milano 2018 Design Review

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Ecima is the annual trade show in Milan, featuring everything from every corner of the motorcycle industry- motorcycles, e-bikes, three-wheelers, cruisers, luxury tourers, etc. It is an eagerly awaited appointment for all biking enthusiasts.

This year was the 76th edition of an event that we previously visited in 2015. You can read all about our impressions of the show back then in this link. 

This one-of-a-kind event was spread over six different pavilions, which enabled a variety of different companies to present their diverse products and groundbreaking ideas.

This is our second review of the Ecima trade show, through the eyes of a k/creative designer.

At the Ecima show, our attention was immediately focused on all the different helmet designs because we are currently working on one of the latest helmet designs. We noticed some positive changes and additions to helmet production and in the way of thinking about helmet design. We are always amazed by the complexity of serial manufacturing products from the initial idea to its intricate design and eventually making it a reality.

KTM was a brand that attracted a lot of attention with its brand ID concept, that is visible to everyone from afar.  There were a lot of 15 years old scholars who were running to their stand.

Honda is still mostly recognized for its sharp lines which can also be seen in this design of their motorcycle. What makes this design interesting to us, is how the purely white hull is giving it a minimal aggressive look and a modern elegance that we can all agree are the leading new design styles.

In this grand design, we can admire how a classic design style, amazingly pairs with a modern design style.

A great testament to how different investors can introduce a great product design to the market- a combination of German development and design in addition to Chinese manufacturing, bring a high-quality product for a fair price.

We are going back to nature. We have spotted several new styles in electric bike design. Because of the electric propulsion, these “hipster” electric scooters have more space for new features and traits, that will please any user.

Some of the features are of a very practical nature, like this…

Kiska is probably most influential motorcycle design studio. They are designing more motorcycles than any other design company, but on the other hand there is less room for innovation, because all motorcycles have too similar design approach. Maybe it’s time for a more fresh approach from Kreatif Design.

By reviewing the ECIMA show, we concluded that the electric bikes are definitely on the rise, apart from the ECIMA show we visited in 2015, there was a groundbreaking revolution in electrical scooter design. They are for sure taking over the motorcycling industry and are rapidly leaving previously dominant motorcycles with gas engines in the rear-view mirror.

Apart from the models featured here, there were also many other new displays along with exciting reveals. We sure can say we were overall inspired by every stand ve visited and got inspirational ideas for future projects and possibly some new and exciting partnerships.

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