Industrial design study: Motocross helmet design

Kreativci News

Our latest study in the field of industrial design is contemporary helmet design. Design trends dictate not just shapes, but new patterns as well. One of the most popular patterns is irregular triangular pattern consisting out of triangles of various sizes that have been widely used in graphic design all over the internet and posters. Different sizes and shades of triangles simulate the depth of the pattern. In the industrial design process we decided to follow this trend, but we took a step further, took those 2D shapes and brought them into the third dimension. The innovation of the idea is in not just simulating the effect of the depth but also to make it real. The pattern has physically become a part of our motocross helmet. Like a diamond, beautiful and valuable material, but on the other hand, extremely tough, so this pattern gives a feeling of elegance and beauty of crystals, and on the other hand, it reflects the robustness and durability; core values that our industrial design company wish to emphasize and show in our Motocross helmet design.

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