We help clients at making their product stand out, at re-positioning of their brand or product and with unique solutions that surpassed expectations of the market. We design new concepts that are ahead of their time what makes products stories viral. Kreatif Design is a group of a variety of different experts from creative fields. Our group consists of young industrial designers, interior and yacht designers and also of young architects. That makes us unique and extensive in our expertise we cover — this variety of experts and our interdisciplinary approach results in more innovative ideas.


Every project starts with the first meeting where we try to define all the goals and tasks of the project. In collaboration with our clients, we define design brief, target market, manufacturing process, etc. We collect as many pieces of information as possible that affects product development, and on this basis, we begin with construction. For best results, it is essential to build trust between clients and us. We try to achieve that with a highly professional presentation of our previous projects and with well-prepared meetings.

In the beginning, we give detail explanation of whole Kreatif Design process. Trough whole industrial design process we prepare clear and concise proposals of ideas which are communicated through a series of drawings, graphics, models, and descriptions.

It all starts with a sketch and a concept. Ideas are explored through various phases of sketching processes. Initial sketching is always created by hand and explains the basic idea. Study sketch is later on used as the investigation of appearance, proportions, and scale in greater detail than the previous phase. It is often supported by the loose application of tone and color. Information sketch and sketch rendering are used to quickly and effectively communicate features through the use of supporting graphics and to clearly define the design proposal. When the proposal or first concept is clearly defined, the interaction between user and product is described through a series of sketches also known as scenario or storyboard.

When the client selects the preferred concept, we begin production of the preliminary 3D model. We generate a CAD model. During this process, we enhance ergonomic and usability and prepare the 3d model for visualizations. When the preliminary project is done, we can prepare a more detailed 3d model for CNC milling or 3d printing and further development.

Visualizations of products are becoming more and more important because this is a fastest and most affordable way of presenting end product to market, clients or consumers and is one of most convincing ways of presenting of a new design.



The design process begins with understanding the customers and their needs. Ideas for new products can come from a variety of sources both within and outside the firm. At this stage, we make the final decision of styling. With the client we determine colors, decoration, and informational graphic. The final design consists of detailed drawings and specifications for the new product.

At this stage we make final decision of styling. With client we determine colours, decoration and informational graphic.

When visualizations are confirmed, we make 3d printed models and scaled models of products to define last uncertainties of ergonomics and manufacturing and convince the client to be 100% sure that design is suitable for the design brief. Sometimes we also make a sample series of products to make initial market test and production test.
Primary research is a search for new knowledge. It does not have any immediate application, but based on the necessary research for a new product can be developed in the future. Applied research has the objective of developing commercial products.
Reverse engineering is the process of carefully dismantling a product, understanding its design and developing a product which is better than the existing one.

We actively live and breathe with the design what others may see as a problem we see as a challenge.


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