Interior design is not only about a choice of furniture and materials, as an architecturally sophisticated interior can help to improve the quality of living and efficient use of space. Interior design can bring positive changes in your environment, way of thinking and organisation of space and time. We are approached by successful companies and individuals who like changes and want to enable themselves and their visitors better living conditions and further development of their own potentials by using thoughtfully designed spaces.



Designing the interior of living spaces for individuals is a process of mutual cooperation between the customer, the designer and his elevators. When designing spaces, an interior designer adapts to all the wishes and tastes of the client and at the same time recommends the best practicality and functionality of the space, as the aesthetics and ergonomics of the objects that will be placed in it.

The main goal that an interior designer sets for himself is to make your space:

  • Functional
  • Aesthetically perfective
  • Harmonious
  • That allows easy movement
  • Consistent with pre-agreed plans

Besides that designer make sure to manage time and budget of the client properly.

In aestheticall point of view, interior design is subjective branch which has to adapt to the wishes and ideas of the client.

Interior design for companies is totally different thing in comparison to interior design for individuals. In this area we are talking of the functionality of the space as a priority that has to go along with brand of the company.

Interior emphasizes company’s motto and all the values that company wants to enlight.

In such a project, firstly we focus on:

  • The company itself
  • Company products
  • What does company brand mean
  • What message company want to deliver
  • What are the goals of this company

All this answers are very important, since they are dictating first sketches and ideas about interior design of the spaces.

Process of interior design for companies is very complex. We are often witnessing clash of opinions to what we should put focus in the organisation of the space and thus also in the company.

We eager to satisfy the customer, his ideas and well being of all employees. Our aim is also to make space of the company spread its message and make it reality.


When client presents his needs and wishes, first step of particular project is design concept. Usually, interior designers make several variants of the floor plan, conceptual sketches and 3D models of the space. Then they choose basic materials, colours and design solutions of the chosen furniture. The conceptual phase of the project is completed by making a sketch for the clients.


Visualizations are the best way to show clients how the space would look like and how they will feel in the room after the project is completed. Renders are very important for the clients because they show you final shape, colour and arrangement of the furniture in the room.


When designing an interior, it’s not just a matter of choosing right furniture and materials, as interesting and architecturally perfect interiors can help to improve the quality of living. The easiest way to start the project is to exhibit and measure the rooms. Then we make several variants of design concepts with 3D visualisations, materials, colours and chosen pieces of equipment.

Interior design can include:

  • Basic drawing of electrical connections (socket positions, light positions, plug positions)
  • Drawing of plumbing and other mechanical instalations (positions of taps, positions of air conditioners, ventilation blowers …)
  • Ceramics layout plans
  • Selection of the flooring
  • Selection of the suspendent ceiling, cladding and wallpaper
  • Furniture selection
  • Selection of materials for kitchen wardrobes
  • Drawing of the kitchen
  • Drawing of the bathroom and selection of its furniture
  • Light selection and lighting plans


Kolaž predvidenih materialov in barvne sheme

For more demanding clients, we also create turnkey projects in cooperation with our construction and joiner partners, where we take care of everything from creative concept to exceptional execution. We also arrange design and construction supervision during the execution.

Innovative designed living roomYou can check our latest turnkey project here.