Are you looking for new creative architecture solutions? You want to attract new clients, build up corporate identity, or maybe you want to live life in a contemporary designed interior with innovative solutions of space arrangement? You are in the right place to find your reliable partner at making new building projects from idea to execution.

We always keep in mind the changing needs of increasingly dynamic and mobile clients, striving to make them feel at ease in their residence or office. This approach drives us to create intuitive solutions that are human-centered, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Our creative solutions are the result of a wide variety of experts from different fields. Our office unites architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and even yacht designers.

We create architectural solutions that surpass the known static, creative and technological limits of today, and will become a standard of good practice tomorrow.


Knowing the right person is everything when it comes to significant investments. Usually, we start our collaboration with you from the previous successfully finished project, from personal connections and acquaintances or our same views to architectural creations.
A good brief is the first step to delivering a successful project. Often clients require help from an expert in formulating the brief for their project, and the architect is normally best-placed to assist.

Pre-Design is a general term for what we do before we start designing a building. This will include preliminary research on the property owner’s part and possibly the architect. Clients do not always hire an architect for this portion. At our firm, we do get involved in pre-design architectural services quite often. This can include helping developers decide if they should purchase a property.

Facility/Building Analysis | Existing Conditions Report:  Evaluation of an existing building including components such as walls, windows, roofs, floor plans, room layouts, building science audits and equipment resulting in a summary report of the findings.

 Code Analysis:  Project-specific review of applicable codes including building codes, accessibility standards, energy standards, local zoning ordinances, land use plans, and other regulations.

After you define design brief we start preparing new ideas suitable to creatively answers all space issues at your project.

Space Planning:  Graphic study showing the arrangement of spaces, room layouts, and activities making up a floor plan. Studies will showroom dimensions, shapes, number and types of spaces, and relationships (adjacencies) for all desired spaces.  Multiple arrangements can be developed and evaluated for efficiency and functional success.

Site Planning: Development of site plan options showing boundary lines, potential development boundaries, building location(s), pedestrian access, sidewalks, parking, landscaping, lighting, surrounding context and other features.

The aim of 3D architectural visualization is an effective advertising of an object, which provides fame and trust. This method ensures the creation of an image of the advertised project, as well as the formation of the necessary conditions around it.
More we develop your project more we pay attention to details and visualisations are crucial part to agree how architectural design will look like.



From the initial consultation to project completion, we offer a full range of architectural and design services.
Our expertise goes far beyond just developing a design for your home or commercial project. We support and guide you through all the crucial stages.
Kreatif Design can provide all necessary for building permission in Slovenia and Croatia. Besides we can develop projects in collaboration with local architects almost anywhere in the world. Our previous projects are building in Tanzania and Columbia.

Permitting:  Production of drawings and permit applications necessary to submit for zoning or building permits. May include formal presentations to review boards or informal negotiation with regulators, zoning/planning administrators, fire marshals, and other officials.

The project execution plan (PEP) is the governing document that establishes the means to execute, monitor, and control projects.  The plan serves as the main communication vehicle to ensure that everyone is aware and knowledgeable of project objectives and how they will be accomplished.


Contractor Selection/Construction Administration Assistance: Professional and experienced assistance with the selection of qualified General Contractors or Construction Managers. This may include the preparation of competitive bid packages, review of bids, recommendations for award of bids, preparing owner-contractor agreements, and construction administration.

Kreatif Design offers a range of interior design services, from strategic planning, analysis of space efficiency, space planning, conceptual design analysis, custom furniture design and post-occupancy consulting. Our main goal is to create a comfortable and flexible work environment for our clients.


Contemporary technology and our innovative mindset will allow you to take your senses to the next level as we cater to all of them in our cohesive solutions.