Vizualizacija moderne poslovne stavbe

Duler headquarters

Blaz Architecture

Project manager: Andrej Kregar Project year: 2021 Duler is an innovative family company with a long tradition, that operates with the railway industry, mechanical engineering, mining, and hydro equipment. Besides a new production facility, they had also imagined new administrative offices, so they hired us. The client's wish was to create a facility, which final image "stands out" from its ...
Petrovic headquarters building visualisation

Petrovič d.o.o. headquarters design

Kreativci Architecture

Year: 2020 We have redesigned the headquarters of Petrovič d.o.o., a leading company in the field of roofing. Our goal was to create an office building that reflects the core values of the company – customer care, reliability, commitment to quality, and responsibility for the environment- as well as bringing something fresh to the business environment. The result is a ...


Kreativci Architecture

Authors: Nejc Škufca, Andrej Kregar Project Year: 2016 Estimated completion: 2017 Investor: DIVO konstrukcije The southeast rural part of Slovenia has seen a noticeable economic growth in the past years, which is attracting an increasing number of young families to move there. The town of these two houses also hosts an exhibit of different traditional hay racks from all over ...
Vizualizacija: moderno oblikovana poslovna stavba

Renovation of the Uprom office building

Kreativci Architecture, Interior

Project team: Andrej Kregar, Uroš Babnik Project year: 2016 Year of construction: 2017 Website of the client: Uprom Uprom, a Slovene sheet metal processing company, asked us to provide a solution for a new facade on their already existing business premise and a renovation of its interior as well as the surroundings. The present facade was functional and serene, but ...
arhitekti in arhitekt


Kreativci Architecture

Client: Alpinsauna Project Year: 2016 Manufacturer website: Alpinsauna For centuries people have used saunas for their beneficial effects which is why saunas recently became indispensable in spas, hotels, and private homes. Sauna users can experience an improvement in cardiovascular conditions, reduction in stress hormones, lower blood pressure as well as use saunas as a sanctuary to unwind. However, many people ...
Industrijsko oblikovanje

New series of premium garages

Kreativci Architecture

Year: 2015 Link to manufacturer: Krovstvo Petrovič We have designed a new line of modern garages and carports for the Krovstvo Petrovčič company. The product family offers several types and variants of garages and carports deriving from the basic car garage model, and presents a unified and complete designer line of products. A rich and varied selection ensures that each ...
Contemporary glamping houses near lake

Smartdome – Glamping solutions

Kreativci Architecture

Client: Smartdome Constructions Year: 2015 Link: Smartdome Smartdome Constructions has approached us to help them present their products in different environments for their new customers. In collaboration, we designed different landscape arrangements for glamping villages and we made them visualizations for the website and other marketing activities. Smartdome constructions offer a wide variety of accommodation and modular customization within their hemisphere ...


Kreativci Architecture

Location: Ljubljana Architecture Type: Modern office and residential building Year: 2009 We believe that old city centers should be preserved, but in the areas where a building has decayed for so long that a renovation would not be reasonable, contemporary concepts should be introduced in order to facilitate our modern lifestyles. Such additions to the center would allow it to ...
Slovenian block of wooden houses render

Concept of modular wood housing system

Kreativci Architecture

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Architecture type: Suburban community of wooden prefabricated residential buildings Year: 2013 With this project, we wanted to solve common issues among young people who are moving in together as couples or are starting a family as well as use a material that is omnipresent in Slovenia - wood. Young individuals often find it hard to gain independence from ...
Isover building street view at night


Kreativci Architecture

Competition: Isover Multi-Comfort House Office Building Architecture type: Energy-efficient office building Authors: Andrej Kregar - Kreatif Design, Martin Tomažič, Matevž Zalar Year: 2009 With the following concept, we won the first prize in the Slovene competition and were awarded a commendation at the international level of the competition. The building looks rigid on the outside but is very dynamic on ...