Kreativci Interior

Project year: 2022 Client: Private client Project team: Damir Černec, Andrej Kregar We designed an extensive renovation with which we transformed the clients office into a modern work-living apartment. Our clients were a pair of graphic designers who wanted the redesign to be carried out in a modern industrial style. The goal was to use natural robust materials and a ...
Folding studio apartment


Kreativci Interior

VIDEO Project Year: 2021 Project Team: Andrej Kregar and Gregor Blaj This project was about equipping one of the smallest studios in Ljubljana. This tiny apartment with a perfect interior is suitable for a young couple or a single individual and is meant for long-term renting. Despite being a studio apartment (kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room all in ...
Inovativno notranje oblikovanje na ključ

Apartment K – turnkey project

Kreativci Interior

Client: Private client Project year: 2021 Project team: Andrej Kregar and Gregor Blaj We designed the interior of a prestigious apartment with a terrace located in Koper. Besides its wooden equipment, the terrace offers an enviable view of the coast. The wooden interior has contrasting black and blue accents. Since drilling into its walls was impossible, the electrical wiring represented ...
Luksuzna dnevna soba

House B

Kreativci Interior

Project manager: Andrej Kregar Project year: 2021 Designing the interior for a house in Brezovica was an exciting project, which resulted in an exceptionally sophisticated product. The entire interior of the big house combines refined black color and many natural materials that give the space a great deal of peace and intimacy. A six-member family lives in the house, hence many ...
Render of modern designed offices

Duler offices

Kreativci Interior

Project manager: Andrej Kregar Project year: 2021 Duler is an innovative family company with a long tradition that operates in different steel production industries. Besides a new production factory, they had also imagined a new office interior design, so they hired us. The building with a modern exterior, which can be seen here, is complemented by an innovative and thoughtful interior. ...
sodobna prenova mansarde

Attic apartment renovation

Kreativci Interior

Project year: 2020 In the past, it was common for multiple generations to live under the same roof. Nowadays, this is not the case anymore, so owners of such houses find themselves with a lot of unused space. One of the solutions to solve this problem is turning the unused attic into an attic apartment for young couples. This year ...
Visualisation of modern living and dining room

House R

Kreativci Interior

Project team: Andrej Kregar, Damir Černelc Year of the project: 2021 Designing an interior for a large family house that has two additional attics flats for rent is not a small project. The house has a huge floor plan with a lot of space, and two living rooms that allow even more creativity. The lower living room, located in the ...
Contemporary modern living room

XL Living Room

Kreativci Interior

Our project XL LIVING ROOM was about remodeling a loft into an apartment building for a young family. Since the apartment was a loft, we had to take into consideration the low ceiling. The floor plan of the house was exceedingly grand, which made it easier to produce a large and open apartment. Apart from the low ceiling, our biggest ...

Office Withcar

Kreativci Interior

We have redesigned the director’s office for the company Gledring, whose brand is Withcar online store. The office is not only meant for the director but also for two other assistants. We designed the entire office to the requirements of the client while maintaining sufficient space for all three associates. The interior of the office is bright and open, which ...
Contemporary dining room and kitchen


Kreativci Interior

Project manager: Andrej Kregar Year of the project: 2021 Designers at Kreatif Design have successfully renovated an old 1960s apartment in Ljubljana. By taking a closer look at what might seem like a simple renovation of a conventional flat, we can witness the power of professional design and good planning. Despite the number of load-bearing walls, we managed to transform ...
Spacious Trilogic white office

3Logic office space

Kreativci Interior

One of our latest projects, was an interior renovation of business premises for the company Trilogic, which is managing a site for online food delivery in Slovenia – Our main guideline was to represent the company and its core values through our interior design. As always, we have fulfilled the wishes of our client to prepare flexible interior arrangement ...

Apartment N

Kreativci Interior

We renovated an apartment in the Belle Vie residential neighborhood, which is located near Tivoli Park in Ljubljana. Since the apartment is located in a brand-new block, the renovation was not difficult. Its floor plan was already adapted to modern living, so the changes and functional adjustments we made were purely aesthetic and in line with the wishes of our ...

Livar Office renovation

Kreativci Interior

Project year: 2017 Expected year of implementation: 2018 The company Livar d.d. specializes in more demanding foundry products, is in a new development cycle, and invests highly in upgrading their production throughput. The management decided to renovate office spaces and administration processes, and Kreatif architects designed the new contemporary interior. Given the interlacement of many activities (sales, logistics, and development) ...

Project Apartment G

Kreativci Interior

APARTMENT G was a classic challenge of how to adapt a house from the '70s and its old school layout to a modern type of apartment. Our investors mainly wanted open and bright spaces along with enough room for sleepovers of their grandchildren. The floor plan of the apartment is mostly very open and airy as well as suitable for ...
Vizualizacija: moderno oblikovana poslovna stavba

Renovation of the Uprom office building

Kreativci Architecture, Interior

Project team: Andrej Kregar, Uroš Babnik Project year: 2016 Year of construction: 2017 Website of the client: Uprom Uprom, a Slovene sheet metal processing company, asked us to provide a solution for a new facade on their already existing business premise and a renovation of its interior as well as the surroundings. The present facade was functional and serene, but ...
Visualization: interior design of living room

Contemporary luxury interior design of Villa Q

Kreativci Interior

Interior designer: Andrej Kregar, Uroš Babnik Project year: 2016 Year of execution: 2016 The end of 2015 saw the start of a business with a Qatar-based client who had the interesting idea of refurbishing a rural house in Slovenia. The investor, like many other foreigners, liked to visit Slovenia for its nature. His wish was to connect the interior and ...

EMA Office interior design

Kreativci Interior

Authors: Andrej Kregar, Jure Janičijević Project Year: 2016 Status: Build-in 2016 Link to company: EMA d.o.o. Ema d.o.o. is the main provider of packaging systems and labeling machines in Slovenia. In the last couple of years, they also became of the most important providers of fishing boat tracking systems in Europe. We were asked to prepare an interior design concept for ...

Apartment for young creatives

Kreativci Interior

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Type: Apartment in a residential building Year of renovation: 2014 Area: 58m2 Photographer: Iztok Hvala The apartment is located in one of the central districts of Ljubljana, near the railway station. It holds the corner position on the second floor of the building and faces the east and south. Before the renovation, the apartment was in a ...
renovated yacht bedrrom for two people

Small yacht design projects

Kreativci Interior, Yacht Design

Andrej Kregar participated in many small projects for Seaway Design for numerous yacht builders including, Aquilla, Greenline, Shipman. Yacht designer Andrej Kregar, the founder of Kreatif Design, was responsible for small design projects like the facelift of interiors and the design of additional parts for yachts that were already produced. He drew proposals for the side view of a new ...
Modern living room in duplex in Ljubljana

Contemporary designed duplex apartment in Ljubljana

Kreativci Interior

Location: Ljubljana, Zelena jama Architecture: Interior design of duplex apartment Year: 2015 Photography: Luka Škulj On a location where both nature and the city pulse mix, in the city district of Zelena jama, a new residential area called Atrium has emerged. A family of four chose to make a home for themselves within one of the duplexes and they turned ...