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Timeless Ocean Club

Kreativci Yacht Design

Client: Timless Luxury Group Manufacturer: Seaway Group Author: J&J Design (associate: Andrej Kregar – Kreatif Design) Length: 18m (59′)   Links: J & J Design, Greenline   The client’s wish was to develop a floating lounge and nightclub, which would be intended for business or private parties as well as become part of an extended hotel or tourist agency offer. ...

Design for Seaway presentations for boat shows

Kreativci Yacht Design

Authors of ideas and graphic material: Eva Jeserne, Andrej Kregar Location: Cannes Boat Show 2014 Seaway needed presentation material for Cannes Boat Show and other nautical shows in future. In colaboration with marketing coordinator Eva Jeserne we prepared concepts for show presentation. We designed graphic  for flags, brochures, graphic for promotional bottles of water, bags etc. We tried to implement many ...

Small yacht design projects

Kreativci Interior Design, Yacht Design

Small projects were made by Andrej Kregar for Seaway Design for many yacht builders including,  Aquilla, Greenline, Shipman Yacht designer Andrej Kregar who is founder of Kreatif Design was responsible for small design projects like facelift of interiors and design of additional parts for yachts that are already produced. He draw proposals for side view of new catamaran that was ...