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Smart helmet designing process

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The designing process of the smart helmet for the Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) was extremely challenging.  The helmet we designed and developed consists of as many as 200% more components than a regular motorcycle helmet. The design itself gives the impression of luxurious elegance while at the same time dictating top modern textures, shapes, and technology.

Throughout the process, we applied our knowledge of industrial design and directed it to something innovative and exciting. The intelligent helmet has brought us the opportunity to combine our interests into something that can be very practical and safe yet still satisfy all the requirements of speed enthusiasts.


The reason why we embarked on the smart helmet project is simple: we create and believe in future technologies. Modern technology is close to us, so we like to combine it with modern industrial design; that’s what we did with the smart motorcycle helmet, which has a front and rear high-resolution 4K camera band that enables 360° recording. This product is the perfect representation of an intertwining between the technology of the future and the top aesthetic design offered by our industrial designers.

At our studio, we are constantly striving to be innovative and unique to offer something new and intriguing. We create products that go beyond modern static, creative, or technological limitations. We design with ‘what you will need tomorrow’ in mind, which was our starting point for the Smart motorcycle helmet project.


Before starting to design the helmet, we carefully examined all the standards (DOT, ECE 22.05, and Snell) necessary to obtain a certificate, without which the production and sale of motorcycle helmets are impossible. We took the ‘HJC AC 12’ helmet as a basis and example because it achieved a very good rating in Sharp’s tests of the previously mentioned safety standards.


After reviewing all the safety standards, we started choosing the material for the frame/shell. The decision, despite the complexity of the final product, was quite simple and logical; carbon.

Products made of carbon fibers look extremely elegant. Additionally, carbon is extremely strong and rigid in terms of weight (it is a very light material). It is not surprising that in the last decade, motorcycle helmet manufacturers have been predominantly using carbon, as it increases the aesthetic and usable value of products. Carbon helmets are lighter and stronger while providing excellent shock absorption.

Most helmet manufacturers use carbon fibers in combination with fiberglass, kevlar, plastic, and other materials. When combined, these materials form an extraordinary solid whole.  Many of the “pure carbon” helmets on sale today are indeed made of different materials, as carbon fiber itself is a composite material.
In products whose primary material is carbon, carbon fibers get intertwined with another base material; the binder established – usually a thermoplastic resin (component material of the thermoplastic helmets) – gives the final product three-dimensional strength. Several layers together only increase this strength.

However, carbon fibers are relatively expensive, so most helmet manufacturers use them only for the best products. These helmets usually receive more attention and quality side materials, so their overall performance is better, and the price is higher.

In short, carbon fibers are not only very aesthetic but also strong and expensive. They enable manufacturers to make beautiful, extremely powerful, and light motorcycle helmets.


It is a so-called smart helmet, which allows us to constantly monitor what is happening behind us and thus see the danger before it happens. In addition, ICH has also patented a technology that connects the helmet with your smartphone.


The core of smart helmet hardware is focused on safety. The iC-R offers incomparable safety features:

  • Dual rear-view cameras that ELIMINATE BLINDSPOTS and provide a 240-degree blind spot FOV
  • Single 180-degree rear time-of-flight (TOF) proximity/sonar sensor that provides a visual (via the HUD) and audible (optional & can be disabled) alert of hazards within 5-15ft
  • Ultra-bright rear LED helmet lights, which make you visible on the road at night/low light settings
  • GPS Helmet Tracker – Never lose track of where your helmet is with our “Find My Helmet” feature in our companion app
  • Auto Tinting Visor – Designed so riders never have to take their hands off their bikes; see clearly all the time
  • Internal Speakers – After trying out many options of placement for the speakers, we found the most suitable one for most users; no more uncomfortable feeling of wireless buds or speakers that constantly push up against your ears in an already very snug-fitting helmet.
  • Heads-up Display HW – A 1280×720 resolution and 40-degree FOV waveguide projection module fixed to the interior portion of the helmet projects the rear-view camera feed onto our HUD as an overlay on the road ahead.  Our HUD can be easily removed and stored away if desired.


  • [HEADS-UP DISPLAY SOFTWARE] – With our overall software, but specifically dealing with our Heads-up Display (HUD); we’ve taken a different and what we feel to be a much safer approach.  The iC-R limits the information to only the: rear camera FOV, GPS Navigation, unobtrusive proximity alerts, and visual confirmation when you are/aren’t recording your ride.
  • [EMERGENCY SERVICES ALERT SYSTEM (ESAS)] – In the event of an accident, our ESAS will alert not only emergency contacts but also the nearest Emergency Services (First Responders) if the rider is unresponsive within 5-20 seconds.
  • [VOICE RECOGNITION/COMMAND] – The ability to perform tasks hands-free is a huge safety concern and a huge undertaking.
  • [BLUETOOTH W/RIDER-TO-RIDER COMMUNICATION] – Connecting riders with one or many ride buddies via voice activation, on-demand.
  • [FRONT ACTION CAMERA] – With a 4k@60FPS camera, riders can capture, share, and live stream their ride and anything in their FOV; in HD with smooth and boundary leveling image stabilization.  Designed to be embedded and replace the use of other helmet-mounted action cameras; making the rider helmet that much lighter and integrated.
  • [RESPIRATORY FILTER] – Your safety and your health go hand in hand—that’s why our design also includes a washable respiratory filter to help protect you from dust, allergens, odors, and other invisible & harmful particulates while traveling from place to place/around.
  • [MODULAR HARDWARE] – The iC-R and its components are modular, and can be replaced without the need to replace the entire helmet.  This move makes the iC-R even more unique, useful, affordable, and really differentiate us from competitors.

A smart helmet brings a significant change to the world of motorcycling. It is a product that looks ordinary at first, but in essence, embodies modern technology and aesthetic excellence. Our industrial designers had to devote a lot of time and attention to arranging it, as the helmet has numerous components due to its many functions. All the additional elements – offered only by the smart helmet – had to be incorporated into the frame while maintaining its aesthetic appearance. It was necessary to increase the thickness of the wrapper while preserving the appropriate size of the helmet.

Designing the smart helmet was a big challenge also for experienced industrial designers.
While incorporating all technological components under the helmet shell, we had to be very careful not to weaken the primary function of the helmet.

Many cables had to be woven so that they wouldn’t affect the airiness, comfort, and safety of the helmet. The helmet represents a common language between functionality, modern technology, and aesthetic excellence. It’s time to make a difference.

Check product animation here.