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Our project 2wheela was acknowledged as one of the most innovative transport design solutions in 2012and was published in more than 15-countries across four continents. Posts can be found on much future technology and car related websites across Europe, Nord America, Asia, and Oceania. It was published in magazines in Slovenia, China, and Thailand. 2Wheela was acknowledged as one of ...

Industrial design study: Motocross helmet design

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Our latest study in the field of industrial design is contemporary helmet design. Design trends dictate not just shapes, but also new patterns. One of the most popular ones is an irregular triangular pattern; it consists of triangles of various sizes that have been widely used in graphic design all over the internet and posters. Different sizes and shades of triangles ...
Sodoben industrijski polirni stroj

Our industrial design services in action

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Our industrial design company is expected to export more than 20% of our services in revenue in 2106 to the markets like Russia, Austria, Qatar, etc. One of the projects that we made for Russian company Linolit that manufactures polishing and grinding machines began production. After months of development and industrial design of Linolit machines, first model Linolit 330 was ...