Yacht Design review from 2018 Boot

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When you see boot Düsseldorf show for the first time, you are very impressed, but even after seeing it several times, you still are fascinated by its size and number of visitors. In 2018 247,000 visitors from all over the world and exhibitors from 68 different countries were present at the show.
As a yacht design company, we will make a short review of yacht design trends that we found, and we think, are worth mentioning.

Every major sail yacht company continues to design minimalistic sharp edge cabins and hull designs. Sail yacht has straight lines and rectangular windows that are similar on all yachts, and this is what became a bit boring in terms of design. There are not many new models that are fearless in terms of yacht design with its unique features. What is even more interesting, is that hull designs and underwater wings became very common among sport yachts.

Yacht windows are getting bigger and bigger every year especially, on motor boats where they cover almost half of the hull’s surface. Motor yachts are maybe a bit more aggressive and exciting in design, because of more significant design freedom of the shell that looks out of the water. Design of a bigger motor yacht became very aesthetical, and all manufacturers pay great attention to harmony at design. What we miss is a more bold design and new concepts.

If we have not seen many new concepts in term of an arrangement of space and design we are astonished by the use of new materials. It is excellent that we could observe the new Azimut S7 which structure is made out of carbon and according to performance reviews, is much more superior.

Interior design is becoming more and more critical, but on the other hand, manufacturers are producing minimalistic and simple seats, that is not very comfortable. All the seats and especially benches are poorly designed in terms of ergonomy and also look cheap because of a lack of decorative stitches. Even minimalistic bench would look better, with few stitches on the right places.

Sport boat manufacturers use more colorful seats, but they also lack good design. Usually, seats are made of two-colored sky leather, making them look cheap, and the colors do not match as well.

Yacht industry stays a bit behind in the development of hybrid and electric engines compared to the aircraft industry and automotive industry. There are, however, significant investments in better comfort with the use of stabilizers and with the development of more efficient and faster hulls. Stepped hulls could be seen every few meters.

Most iconic show stand belongs to Elan. I have to admit, its showroom with still water under the new GT5 was impressive. For the first time, has one of the exhibitors put a product in water in the middle of the hall. This show’s stand was immediately recognizable, because of its clean, straightforward design and a cool idea.

I hope by reading this review you were able to find out, that there were not so many new concepts, but there was a huge improvement of existing theories in all ways. In terms of efficiency, the use of new materials, technologies and (r)evolutionary designs.

We cannot wait for the next year’s show. It is going to be the 50th anniversary of boot Düsseldorf show in January 2019.

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