Yacht owners and boat manufacturers who are looking for new opportunities in the yacht market we offer creative solutions that answer today’s issues and set new trends. Kreatif Yacht Design department is based on a wide variety of experts from yacht designers to product designers and from interior designers to architects who combine different approaches from all creative fields and make truly fresh yacht designs. The studio was established in 2014 after young yacht designer  Andrej Kregar finished cooperation on many projects with Seaway Design d.o.o. His sketches, CAD 3d models and visualizations were used for the initial design phase of many famous brands in the maritime industry like Greenline, Ocean Class, Shipman, Sunbeam, Ocean Alexander and Timeless yachts.

Our Kreatif team shares enthusiasm for innovation and contemporary luxury design. Our connection to Adriatic sea and location lead us to solutions that work in Europe and maybe even further. We are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, therefore, our design is influenced by Italian art and culture, by German technology and engineering and Slavic sense of humor.


Every yacht design projects begin from something. It can be a new idea of the investor, niche on the boat market, the success of competitors or anything else.

The design process always begins with the first meeting and plot how to determine design brief. Design brief can be determined by shipyard heritage, owners’ vision, new production technology or other advantages of the initial idea.

A key factor of the great design brief is also deep market analysis. Market analysis gives a key advantage to pass over the competition whenever we work on boats for further sale.

Every yacht design project starts with the hull and deck design concept continues with a general arrangement and engine definition. All major characteristics of the yacht must be defined during this phase that starts with 2D hand drawing and continues with computer 2D drawings of basic layouts, sections, and side view. All plans define the base concept of yacht and all main characteristic that can not be changed drastically over the future phases.

Some future yacht owners want to start the whole project from a sketch, and we please them.

Otherwise after the general arrangement of the yacht is determined we start to draw first sketches of the exterior. This part of the project is the most interesting for our clients and us also. At this stage, all the creativity and innovations come to life and where the chemistry between the client and yacht happens. Then we continue to design the interior. With the help of 3D sketches we try to present styling of the yacht to the client and the same time start to the model yacht with a computer program.

When a client selects preferred concept, we begin production of the preliminary 3D exterior. We generate a CAD model, from which the shipyard can take accurate design information. During this process, we enhance ergonomy and usability and prepare the 3d model for visualization. When the preliminary project is done, we can prepare a 3d model for CNC milling.

Before productions, all clients want to be 100% sure they have chosen the right design for theme self or for the company they represent. In that case, we make visualizations of exterior and interior to present ideas as they will be in reality.

In collaboration with clients, we make the final decision of yacht design. With the client, we determine colors, decoration and last details of yacht design.

When 3D geometry is finished we prepare 3D geometry for CNC milling of molds, detailed 2D production plans, and lamination plans.

Our many times rewarded partners are our first choice when we need help at complex design issues in the product design phase. We join our forces to provide clients benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from different fields. For more information please click here.